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Welcome to Dalian!
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Traffic of Dalian

Dalian is an important Sea-Air-Land hub of communications of the Northeast of our country. At present , have already taken shape and relied mainly on Dalian harbor and ZhouShuizi International airport, have such various forms as sea transport , air transport , railway , highway , pipeline and so on, modern three-dimensional communications and transportation network of stronger transport capacity .Build a trade bridge with more than 140 countries and regions in the world in Dalian harbor and shipping; Large railway and ShenDa expressway Shen, it is great to Aida (from Dalian to Aihuixian Heilongjiang Province), Zhuanglin ( from Zhuanghe city to the Linxi county Neimenggu ) etc. 4 national-level highway and other l highway at all levels, form the intensive railway , network of highways , is linking up three Northeastern boundaries and east landing of Neimenggu ; The International airport of Zhoushuizi is one of the 4 International airports of the whole country in Dalian.

External traffic

The International airport of zhoushuizi is one of the main International airports of China in Dalian, already been open up to navigation with 47 domestic city and 3 countries in the world , 6 cities of the area , also opened up the business of chartering plane irregularly between Dalian and such countries as Japan , U.S.A. , Canada , Holland , Switzerland and so on at the same time.

The railway is very developed. There are 6 circuits of operation in all within the border, such railway networks as the railway and the Northeast , North China of Dalian and so on . Every day is started more than 50 excursion trains of Beijing , Shenyang , Harbin and other places by Dalian, and has set up " symbol of Liaodong Peninsula "and " beach number of Jinshitan" between Dalian and Shenyang specially, the high-speed train line from Dalian to Beijing, Changchun and Harbin with fully air-conditioned travel special Highway.

First expressway which China's Mainland puts into operation - -Shenda to pass through Liaodong Peninsula in the expressway , is linked to five major cities of Shenyang , Liaoyang , An'shan , Yingkou , Dalian closely. Aida ( from Dalian to Aihui Heilongjiang Province), Heda (form Dalian to Hegang Heilongjiang province), Zhuanglin(from Zhuanghe to Linxi Neimenggu province), this 3 national-level highway connect with the highways of district at all levels , has already formed the intensive highway network, there are 3 highways of national road within the border, provincial 3. Heavy expressway Shen among them pass through Liaodong Peninsula, enclose and meet with Shenyang , Liaoyang , An'shan , Yingkou , Dalian the five industrial city , Dalian harbor and Yingkou harbor, Yingkou Spanish mackerel. Every urban passenger train of perimeter is convenient when in the area under one's jurisdiction of Dalian, sends nearly 30 of regular bus on day from Dalian to Shenyang, send 1 bus to development zone every five minute, send a group of buses every one minute to Lvshun every one minute.

Sea transportation
The shipping lane extend in all directions, there are 62 productive berths now in Dalian harbor, the above 10,000 ton-class 32 berths among them, annual throughput is over 60 million tons. Have shipping exchanges with 150 more than between country and port of area, to Yantai, Weihai, Peng Lai, Qinhuangdao, Tianjin new harbour and Changhai county all island come and go to have a flight everyday. In addition, have also offered the passenger boat of high-speed travel service from Dalian to Yantai , Qinhuangdao and Changhai county, Dalian reach Shanghai and S. Korea Incheon have fixed passenger steamer exchanges either. More than 5000 ships of annual shipping of entering and leaving port, has already had 8 courses of international container, 8 domestic passenger traffic courses and international irregular travel course. Already been open up to navigation with more than 30 domestic ports at present, the maritime passenger steamer offers service to the new harbour course and Incheon , S. Korea of Yantai , Longkou , Weihai , Qinhuangdao , Shanghai , Xingang Tianjin. There are short distance courses to every island of Changhai county and every island in the border of Dalian.

Transportation of the city

The public transport of Dalian is very developed, can travel by self-service bus . There are over one hundred public transportation routes in the city, among them there are 3 circuits of national remaining streetcar. Big public transit first bus 4:00 - 4:30 time, last bus 22:00 - 23:50 time, drive a vehicle 3-8 minutes such as interval at ordinary times, there is a car at 1-2 minutes in the boom period. According to sell ticket way to divide , implement self-service ticketing , single fare 1 yuan mostly, insert coins and does not make change voluntarily. Generally the small bus is the mini-bus, can get on or off the bus nearby , admission fee is 2 yuan. The railway transport from Xianglujiao of urban area to development zone , metal and stone and beach has already been opened , Ití»s convenient with the public transport in north of the city greatly .

The taxi starting fare of Dalian is 8 yuan, rides 3 kilometers in limit, 1.2 yuan each kilometer will add 50 expense of an empty run afterwards, so reality is 1.8 yuan each kilometer. Take a taxi and go up with 30 percent at night (22:00 to 5:00 next day ). The blue overhead light on the taxi represents state-runly, the white overhead light represents the collective or joint venture, the yellow overhead light represents privatly . The city of Dalian is not very large, it is enough for taking a taxi generally within 20 yuan in the city.

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