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The traveling guide of Dalian

>>The Jinshi beach
The Jinshi beach are the first national-level travel resort that Chinese Government sanctioned, lying in the seashore of the Yellow Sea of Northeastern end of Dalian, 50 km from city center, 62 sq. km. of land, the area of sea area is 58 sq. km., the coastline is 30 -km-long. Surround by sea on three sides, is made up by the open hinterland among the eastern part in the peninsula , western peninsula and two peninsulas and bathing beach, it is the most ideal sacred place of travel in holiday of seashore of the North of China.

>>The scenic spot of Jinshi beach
It is one of the eight scenes of Dalian of scenic spot. Lying in the eastern seashore, on the line in the 8 kilometers -long coast, the mountains and sea are alternate, the reef stands in great numbers, the scenery is beautiful, is the national-level key scenic spot. The geological ground form , depositing rock , extinct plants and animal and fossil in the Sinian Period , Cambrian have formed beauty spot for nearly one hundred years, various kinds of marine abrasion bank , marine abrasion hole , marine abrasion post, in different poses and with different expressions, " stone monkey see the sea ", " big roc spread the wings", " the dinosaur visits the sea " and so on. vivid, called that " maritime stone forest " , " natural geological museum " , " animal solidifying world " by the experts and scholars, the full of cracks stone among them took shape 600 million years ago, was the biggest strange stone of a piece of body in the world at present. The peculiar geological view is praised as China the unique one, the world is extremely rare, " sculpture park of supernatural power " where the earth can't be recycled.

>>The golf club of Jinshi beach
It lies in the eastern part in the peninsula, cover an area of 1,750,000, surround by sea on three sides, near the mountain side. The first stage of 18 lanes and the families of practice ground , association , member have already built up and opened to the outside. It is suitable for light lane and 9 to play ball to suitable for winter yellow grass lane , five-star hotel to play ball night to have 9 the second stage more of, the natatorium , bowling alley and other auxiliary facilities are under construction. This club has already been affiliated by Chinese golf association , American golf association , world travel association, and become sisters' court with such 6 pieces of court as U.S.A. , Japan , Singapore ,etc., have 7 lane classify as world in the 100 best lane , 7 No. lane among them called the most challenging lane one of in the world by experts.

>>China international yacht club
That The general headquarters belong to Shenyuewan gulf holiday village, lie in centre area south seashore, taking up an area of 1 sq. km., The lake which yacht berth covers 6000 square meters among them , the integrated service floor on the seashore and so on, such facilities already comes into operation, can carry on large-scale yacht , maritime sail board , maritime rogallo match and go sightseeing at sea .

>>Jinshi world goes hunting in the club
Lie in the western mountain area, takes up an area of 3.6 sq. km. , going hunting area , small-bore rifle shooting range , shooting range of the UFO , paintball field , archery range and animal view and admire the garden, can launch such recreation as going hunting , shooting of many kinds of forest and so on. ; Wooden villa, floor of integrated service and hunter's mountain villa consist of guest room , restaurant , sauna , dancing hall and many kinds of indoor recreation facility, it is a travel project suitable for four seasons.

>>Jinshi beach equestrian course
In the north of the international yacht club , cover an area of 126,000 square meters, runway 1000 of girth, 20 of width, consist of getting white wooden railing , 60 long lead the way and horse floodgate , large stand , little stand of international standard, serve building , parking area ,etc. , suitable for launch large-scale horse-racing and walk a horse the activity.

>>World-renowned person's waxen image hall of Jinshi beach
Lie in the east of the flower world , European architectural style , the first floor is the strange stone hall. The second floor is the waxen image hall , 54 waxen images are for tourists to visit already , and will increase the waxen image content successively , The theme type design of the hall, have the theme of returning of Hong kong , historical long river , scientific tunnel , famous star little to gather , establishing diplomatic relations , the man of the hour , ten thousand dreams up toed and so on. Let tourists roam in the long river of history while viewing and admire the waxen image, combine and is exerted an uplifting influence on by art. The third floor is the artistic long corridor.

>>The bathing beach
Lies in the beach middle part of Jinshi beach, lie across 4.5 kilometers, blue sea water is so clear that you can see to the bottom, sandy beach about 150 meter wide, the best bathing beach of Liaonan, an ideal place that launch various kinds of recreation of the seawater bath , maritime and sandy beach.

>>Jinshi beach harbour
Lie in Northeast of eastern part in the peninsula, plan to cover an area of 226,000 square meters, made up of commercial service area , production area and recreation view area, can stop the 3000 -ton tourist ship and passenger-cargo ship, there are 24 yacht quays , annual throughput is more than 800,000 persons, will be open up to navigation with Changhai county , urban scenic spot , Shandong Peninsula coastal cities.

>>Seaside park
Link with bathing beach, cover an area of 200,000 square meters, the meadow of sparse woods in the garden, the mattress of green grass, flower silk form a cluster, sculpture essay and seashore scenery draw general such as poem, garden colored side brick corridor link to each other, there are such travelling and service facilities as children's paradise, the floor of integrated service and so on., It is visitor's ideal place that the seashore appreciate the scenery , lie fallow , have a rest.

>>Jinshi reason park
Lie the east of the center street, cover an area of 130,000 square meters, The square meter of stone forest views formed in the Sinian later period 6 hundreds million year, the changes of long-term transgression regression and flood tide and low tide, make rock elegance and talent form very strange , colourful stone and scene, like tortoise like alike ,being called the marine abrasion zoo their.

>>Flower old world
Lie in the north of Jinshi road, plan to take up an area of 1. sq. km. A mong them, 3000 square meters flowers exhibition and selling hall, sunlight greenhouse of 10,000 square meters , modernized greenhouse of 30,000 square meters to already build up , have establish flowers joint venture with Holland, Canada, etc. To enter the stage of production and selling now. Flower old world is one of the largest flowers production base of China and distributing centre at present. Fragrant pink fresh flower and seed obtain the national silver medal awarding. And has already begun to export among them. Here, tourists can view and admire and buy nearly one hundred kinds of plants , fresh cut flowers products as spending , dried flower ,etc.

>>Ice valley of scenic spot
The provincial travel resort national of valley and Liaoning Fairy hole Forest Park of are two scenes of adjoined, it lies in the place 40 kilometers north of Zhuanghe of east southern part of Liaodong peninsula, is a lofty mountains type scenic spot main scene of peculiar glacier ground , beautiful natural mountains and rivers .
The Ice valley scenic spot, have enjoyed the reputation of " distant south Gui Lin ", through the painstaking management of more than ten years, have already begun to take shape, has made a name home and abroad. Praised as the national Forest Park of celestial being of Liaoning hole of " natural animals and plants kingdom ", it is another tourist attraction of Zhuanghe city, with icing valleys adjoints. Rare bird wild animal , exotic flowers and rare herbs of here reach thousands of, The hectare of red pinewood winds regard as an unsurpassed one in Asia even the world.
Scenic spot receive by Longhua Montain, little valley river valley and Great Britain river valley commit , 47 sq. km of scenic spot centre . The region of protection lead 64 sq. km. , plan the whole area more than 100 sq. km. , have beauty spot more than 30 office at the scenic spot, several hundred views, is the provincial scenic spot.
The mountain in the scenic spot belongs to a thousand mountains over pulse, quartzite structure, is the rare well preserved karst ground form to the north of the Yellow River. Through the numerous investigation of the geological expert, the installation department concludes , geology here is that the glacier issue of Quaternary Period took shape, and has found many kinds of glaciers trace here. The vegetation is abundant in the scenic spot, the forest coverage rate is more than 90. Not only there are high and cold mountain area plants in the growing type ecological forest originally in 1740 hectares, but also there are subtropical plants. Read from plant kind, more than 150 kinds of xylophyta, more than 500 kinds of herb. Here produce precious three fork medicine camphor tree also, fir wood of Changzhou, blue fruit purple pearl , lampstand right ,etc. more than 10 kinds of subtropical plants.

>>Mouth of Lvshun
Lie in Liaodong Peninsula of China southernmost , is close to two sea in yellow , Pohai Sea , faces Shandong Peninsula from afar through the sea, it is the national-level key scenic spot , national-level nature reserve , national Forest Park and historical cultural city.
Lvshun mouth have a long history, name " Mashijin" at Jin Dynasty, Tang call " town of Duli" , Yuan dynasty it was called " lion's mouth ". A.D. 1371,The emperor of Ming dynasty Zhuyuanzhang send Ma Yun, Yewang to guard Liaodong, land here through the sea from Shandong, choose the purpose with smooth maritime voyage, then rename as " mouth of Lvshun " so far.
A.D. 1880, Qing Government set up North Marine Navy here, build naval port, build fort, build dock, encamping, the mouth of Lvshun should become the most important military stockade village. The Sino-Japanese War of 1894-1895 and Japan-Russia war of 1904 for one year, leave vicissitudes page at the history of Lvshun, make the mouth of Lvshun become the open-air museums of China and even modern history of world. Lvshun is beautiful, the climate is pleasant, on the line in coast of 169 kilometers, linking to each other closely on the mountain , sea , gulf , beach , island. The line of demarcation of the snake's island , bird's island , the old iron mountain from Pohai Sea and yellow sea is the wonderful spectacle of the world; At 500 sq. km land, new stone implement period site , Muyang city of Han Dynasty,, thr Honglu well of Thang Dynasty and modern war trace show the time-honored of history .

>>Old iron mountain
It is one of the eight scenes in Dalian. Lying in Liaodong Peninsula southernmost, the southwest of district of Lvshun mouth, face each other across the sea with the Miaodao Archipelago of Shandong. The area of scenic spot is 172.8 hectares, rely mainly on old iron mountain, there are site of village of the couny of Guojiacun of the Neolithic Ages and the city of Muyang in Han Dynasty nearby. The elevation is 465.6 meters, takes up an area of 40 sq. km. . Bordering on the sea in one side, the cliff towers, the lie of the mountain is steep and dangerous . Spread all over the bushes and arbor forest on the mountain, it is the ideal of a migratory bird in transit stops. Climb the century-old beacon on the old iron mountain, can watch the wonderful scenery of the intersection of the Yellow Sea and the Pohai Sea .

>>Tiger beach ocean park
Tiger beach ocean park is located in the seashore of the south of Dalian, is the largest scenic spot of the south of urban area. Cover an area of 1,180,000, 4000m over coastline, It is the most larger modernized seashore amusement park. The garden is beautiful naturally , the mountains and sea reflect each other, the scenery is pleasant. There are marine animal's halls of polar region , sea beast's halls of " concentrating the world of polar region and representing the marine wonder " in the park, the largest coral hall of China , landmark building the carve of tiger and is suitable for viewing and admire, take and step the cableway , maritime yacht in the sky of sea, can appreciate the sea scene and tiger's overall picture of the beach paradise . Have offered novel amusement to visitor to enjoy too in the bird's twitter forest outside the garden , four-dimensional cinema .

>>Excellent club island
Excellent club island lies in the east of the bank sea route, is about 9 km from city center, is a famous scenic spot taking mountain , sea , island , beach as main view . Famous excellent club island State Guesthouse is located in here.
The hills and mountains surround in the north of scenic spot, the green pines and verdant cypresses; It is the open sea area and smooth sandy beach in the south, in the place 600 meters from coast , there is one island similar to the form of ginsengs, commonly called as the club island excellently. The jagged rocks of grotesque shapes, mountain flower weeds spread all over the the whole island.

>>Shengshui temple
Have another name called Goddess of Mercy pavilion , is located in the large north of Black Hills. The trees here are fresh green , with quiet environment, so enchanted by the scenery as to forget to return visitors come here. It is two parts of House of Lords and Lower House originally to Shngshui temple. Lower House is made up of 24 ancient buildings and shut the compound four times, has not existed yet today. House of Lords in high to enter at the hill-side , cloud of border, pedalled and can be climbed by the winding mountain path and stone, The stone tablets on the both sides as the Ming and Qing Dynasties ,etc. Archaeological workers have also found period the relics all around which form Liao and Qing Dynasty.
Equip to balcony with stone of breast board face upward Shengshui temple House of Lords, It is the eaves of district of south pavilion on a round huge stone. Ascended the stairs by west Buddhism door hole, it is a simple and unsophisticated courtyard that appears before one's eyes. Courtyard half swallow enormous latent celestial hole, it is release one gal Buddhist nun Mou , gentle different , general virtuous , Goddess of Mercy , Tibetan king of place , to enshrine and worship, there is the eighteen disciples of Buddha both sides. Under main hall the eaves it hang originally it classic personal letter " one cave heaven ", " protect kind cloud forever ", " reach to the sky Germany not holy ",etc. According to the records of tablet inscription , Shengshui temple win and gain the name so as to ink , this " winning water " is acted as and come from the ancient well of right side of main hall, it's a pity that carried on the national defencing , the waterline was cut when constructing at the beginning of the sixties. There are natural stone mirrors near the west meditation abode, britiant enough to reflect one's image. It is up to 8 meters of south pavilions to House of Lords left front of temple, the yellow tile of red wall, extremely striking. Step on the pavilion and lean upon a balustrade to overlook, the sea is boundless and indistinct, the peaks rising one upon another. There is something in before the wind or rain is being , can see cloud and mist is well up at the foot ,the scene of the celestial being to float to look through here the beginning to pass summer, afford a magnificent spectacle.

>>Nine islands Haiwang
Lie in Northeastern end in archipelago on the mountain of county magistrate of Changhai , 15 sea miles from the north to the south of Zhuanghe city, 60 sea miles to Yalu River mouth in the east, is the most magnificent scenic spot at the archipelago scenic spot of Chang Mount (province grade ). The whole district is composed of the large Haiwang , little Haiwang, dragon which linked suitable density and six islands of ingot, green turtle, well the frog, viewing elephant, pairs of lion , group congratulate etc which like tortoise, elephant, lion .It is beautiful , the ground form of marine abrasion , distinguished air of elegance and coquetry, strange reef different in different poses and with different expressions stone, axe dig heaven succeed, staggering.
The nine islands possess " sea water , sunshine , sandy beach " 3 key elements that travel at the sea of faces now, it is the rare maritime tourist zone of one place in our country, have very high development value. Haiwang nine island scenic spot according to natural state and tour, divide into the big HaiWang island, tight dragon island, little little HaiWang island 3 scenic spots. The big Haiwang island have look in distance, floor far to think to look at sea, dragon claw hunt scene and sea view strange gulf HaiWang; Thin dragon island scenic spot including tight dragon island , green turtle island, and, well frog island , view reunion on the island like island , pairs of lion island; Small HaiWang island scenic spot include little HaiWang osland and ingot island.
Nine islands of Haiwnag are beautiful and strange. The superb craftsmanship of the nature, make the island count spreading all over the strange reef and spectacular rocky peak to the limit: Black-and-white stone , buckwheat reef , lion roe deer fight for peak , elephant absorb water , assassinate numerous to eat attack , supernatural tortoise pass sea , arhat drunk , monkey view day ,etc., too numerous to mention, some look like the well frog, some some look like calling mother of lamb, some look like the big ingot, ,some look like the mountain of seeing the son, some look like the Xiangbi mountain in Gui Lin , some look like the Ashima of Yunnan. It is the famous meeting of all scenic.
East of the ingot island, It is the platform of viewing birds. Can see the water birds in the sea area of the Yellow Sea. A flock of birds sometimes soar and soar to cover all the sky , sometimes floor rest covers the island , reef. Esecially the dropping of sea duck, it like the falling of autumn enclose leaf one after another .The gull get up flying, like the snowflake waves in the wind merrily and lightheartedly, contrast is strong , black-and-white and clearly demarcated . Various kinds of aquatic bird is lower natural and graceful to soar, sing heartily, mixed, form the birds symphony. This wonderful view, often make people in ecstasies , enjoy oneself so much as to forget to go home.
It is the manor of the egret in the island of Tuanyuan and Guangxiang island . While ebbing tide, the egret goes to the seashore to catch and eat small fish , shrimp, little crab in pairsly , rising tide flies away at time, squat on the overhanging cliff or the branch , in the grass and have a rest, once frighten, person who breathe out one it is get up to fly, not the " delegation blue sky at the egret ", but a slice of egret is difficult to see sky, very grand.

>>Working park
It is one of the eight scenes in Dalian. Lie in the blue and green mud deep bridge of city center , from railway station about 500 of the south, it is the largest urban area for incorporate visit , amusement , having a rest , cultural activity into an organic whole that have much European modernized city garden of style. The body building odeum of large-scale soccer known as " symbol of Dalian " is located in the park. The outstanding and optimistic , penetrating , natural characteristic in the park, on the wide square lawn are training plain pigeon , peacock , red-crowned crane , sika in groups ,etc., people and animal play on intimate termsing so, this is all rated as an unsurpassed one in china. South of park is newly-built amusement park with considerable scale, domestic article The first twin-track non irrigated farmland gain visitors' favor among them. Floating in gorge is the recreation facility which investment most heavy , the Northeast traveling projecting of drifting about only too to drift about.

>>Musical sound square of the sea
It is one of the eight scenes of Dalian. It is the Northeastern entry to section of the road of Dongbei, is the north entry to the park of East China Sea too. Respond to and cooperate with each other across a great distance with the sea square of the star . Different white steel tubes of five sticks of camber are the sculpture of the subject in the center on the square , 21 gulls hovering signify that flies to the 21st century, 50 spheroids of different size represent atomic structure promptly, imply 50 anniversary of founding the country again. Its picture is a logn queue jumped, inscribe one's name and call " the musical sound in the sea ". It adopt all sculpture square cast steel, stainless steel, granite which are the modern construction material. Make square seem modern atmosphere , lively , rich metre in verse , full of natural temperament and interest.

>>Sea square of the star
It is one of the eight scenes in Dalian. The largest city square of Asia, in order to commemorate the return of Hong Kong to build. Carve nine dragons in the white marble cloud pillar on the square , imply China; In the center on the square imitates the Huan mound in the Temple of Heaven, is laid by 999 pieces of red marble in Sichuan, carving the twelve Earthly Branches of the Heavenly Stems , the twenty-four solar terms and Zodiac on the marble. 9 big pots around the square are carved with " long live Chinese nation's great unity ", implied meaning " a solemn promise". It is Convention and Exhibition Center to 500 meters in the north from central point of main road on the square ; It is the cave century-old city to the south to the square , is the blue sea outside 500 meters. Central main road red brick cover the ground, both sides the grass looks like a carpet, every 20 set up one navigation mark stone pillar light , light of model, signify China is facing the sea , goes to the world. Star sea Convention and Exhibition Center is the landmark building of the city of Dalian where set up the international clothing festival , fireworks firecracker festival, article transaction .With the large-scale festival celebration activity of Dalian setting up here, It is very lively throughout the year. Dalian shell museum lie in star sea square southeast corner, It is the t most large shell museum of Asian exhibi. Dalian modern museum lie star in the west of the sea Convention and Exhibition Center, simulation and audience property of participation very much strong.

>>Sea park of the star
It is one of the eight scenes in Dalian. Made up of the garden of land-based area and bathing beach of 800 meters. Set up both ends of park are the sea cliff at the border to view the blue sea , make people to be completely relaxed and happy to go to. There is a " visiting the sea hole " in the garden , leave along the stone steps in the hole , suddenly see the light at the moment , presents the front in the sea, the spray is faced under the foot suddenly , it is very interesting. The beach and flat water of bathing beach are slow , the depth of water is moderate . Every summer, visitors are in an endless stream. Visitors can mount and look at the broadness of watching the sea of sea pavilion here, view and admire the stone , monthly stone of star and sea stone , moon stone, can also go to holy inferior marine world to seek the strange ecology of the sea floor . There are a lot of items of recreation in the park, have the most luxurious maritime bungee jumping of world introduced from New Zealand to jump , the diving platform is 55 meters high. There is longest stepping the sea and flying and lowering the cableway in the world at present introduced from Canada. The prehistoric life museum in the garden is the only prehistoric exhibition hall of our country, the ones that were shown inside are various kinds of life fossils before several hundred million years.

>>Black Hills
It is one of the eight scenes of Dalian. Large Black Hills, claim heavy hertzs of mountain, big Buddhist monk mountain, tiger mountain originally , lie 15 kilometers east of the JinZhou city, 11 kilometers from the economic and technological development zone of Dalian, the elevation is 663.1 meters, area is about 110.9 sq. km.. It is a historic reservation unit of Liaoning Province. Large Black Hills, the lie of the mountain is grand , impressive, the wood reaches to the sky in ancient times on the mountain, there are quite many scenic spots and historical sites, there are loud water temples , Shengshui temple , Chaoyang temple and so on.

>>Ice valley ditch
One of the eight scenes of Dalian. North of the celestial hole town that lies more than 40 kilometers north of Zhuanghe city. Here have the peculiar of Yunnan stone forest , have tall and straight of Gui Lin mountains and rivers ,being delicatly and prettily , lofty and steep also, it is have charming to reside in being rough and grand, strong color appear simple and elegant in being serious and black , seem solemnly in being fresh and bold and unconstrained. The scenery is different throughout the year: Spring bright mountain flowers in full bloom, the stream is murmuring in summer, the frost dyes the maple leaf in autumn, winter snow wild glacier, enjoy the reputation of " Gui Lin of the Northeast " , ice valley scenic spot is composed of LongHua mountain , little valley river valley and Yingna river valley commit. Have more than 400 natural human cultural sight of sky lark peak , flowers and fruits mountain , ShuangLong river , celestial being hole ,etc. Ice valley the second stage of " pairs of dragon dam " 192 of total length, 15 meter high, form fifth long surface of water of " Yingna lakes ", can extend to ice valley north door (red house ) , form " high gorge produces in peaceful lake ", there is high and very big graceful bearing of hero of Sanxia.

>>Olympic square
Olympic square for commemorate establishment of Dalian a century, building to carry forward Olympic spirit and square s. Samaranch , president of IOC , is invited to lay a foundation for the square while attending the tenth Dalian international clothing festival. Renmin square of the south stadium whether 5 champion of first division league matches Wanda of Dalian reach home court, Shide of team, the big company once created 55 unbeaten records in succession here. underground of the square is the biggest general merchandise retailer in the world - Large-scale chain supermarket of Wal-Mart.

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