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The exhibition information in Dalian

2005 Dalian international plastic industrial exhibition to hold time

Time: 2005-10-20 to 2005-10-23
Host places: Sponsor of Convention and Exhibition Center of star and sea of Dalian
Hold unit: Foreign economic organizor of cooperative venture of light industry of Dalian,China National Machine Tool Corp
Undertake unit: Shanghai Dongbo exhibition limited company , Dalian the North international exhibition limited company, Hangzhou Dena exhibition limited company
Receive co-organizor: Dalian Economic and Trade Commission, Dalian city mechanical federation, era international (Hongkong) exhibition Company
The range of the show: The plastics inject shaping production technology and equipment; Plastic glue find technology and equipment of producing; Empty shaping production and technical equipment in the plastics; Relevant corollary equipment and all kinds of spare parts; Test and control instrument, surface dealt with, breaks the smooth equipment, after treatment equipment; Plastics package , paper mould equipment , silk print , hot print , hot pint transfer to,the pack of print ,
Telephone number: 86- 0571- 85187899/6899
The faxes: 86- 0571- 85870009
Contact addresses: Jin big building 216# 9-E Daomao lane Hangzhou city
Website: www.ndbexpo.com
E-mail address: ndbexpo@vip.163.com

2005 international plastic industrial exhibition sponsor of Dalian

Organizor: Jingyil exhibition company of Hong Kong , the organization of fur of Dalian
Host plac: the West room of exhibit Exhibition Center of star and sea Dalian
The range of the goods of exhibition: Leather ready-made clothe of fur coat leather,leather shoes and hats case and bag,leather belt and others made by leather,PU leather,synthetic leather,raw materials and fittings,feather eiderdown,wool cashmere products,jewel jewelry and dress and personal adornment of all kinds of winter,etc..
Time of arranging exhibits: 9- 18 exhibition time in November 10,2005 Dismiss from exhibition time on the 11th-the 18th of November, 2005: 15 o'clock on the the afternoon of November 18 , 2005
Exhibition place: sea Convention and Exhibition Center of the star ( West drawing room)
Person to contact: Mr. Song,Mr. Ai,Mr. Zhang,Ms. Wang,Mr. Luo
Mobile phone: 13304082511
The faxes: 0411-84892697
Telephone: 0411-81981261 84892696
E-mail: dlsgj111111@163.com
Address: 312 room F region 10# of the sea center Shahekou region of Dalian
Post number: 116023

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