Shopping in Dalian, you should focus on rich strong seafood , fruit">
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Welcome to Dalian!
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The shopping of market in Dalian

Shopping in Dalian, you should focus on rich strong seafood , fruit , handicraft and clothing ornaments of " taste of Dalian " at first. The main local product is as follows, such seafood products as sea cucumber , kelp , abalone , prawn , scallop , fragrant spiral shell , red shrimp's crisp heart candy ,etc., such fruits as carbuncle apple , the gold and peach , Dalian cherry ,etc. and glass products , embroidering such handicrafts as the product , shell picture and so on.

Four marts of Dalian

Blue and green mud bridge , Tianjin street do shopping street , Renmin road and Xi'an road on foot. There are such the famous store : Qiulin, Youyi, Baisheng and so on. also there are such mega-stores as Wal-Mart , Carrefour ,etc. Visitors liking going shopping can be satisfied certainly. Visitors liking buying the clothes must come in September, you may have an opportunity to buy a lot of clothing shown on international clothing festival.

The special product in Dalian

>>Handicraft carving shell
Dalian is near the mountain and by the sea, the climate is pleasant, naturally a lot and outstanding shell carving works. You can buy beautiful and exquisite handicraft which made by several ordinary scallop sand the conch, set it free to go home and put it on tabletop it is the decorate thing or present relatives and friends of you. You can buy and use rare and famous and precious skillfully made shell carving of scarce shell as the collection in the family too, your liking of foundation that this is complete. The shell carving of Dalian is in different poses and with different expressions, a feast for the eyes. There is precious large-scale shell carving of wonderful workmanship excelling nature, several useful exquisite shells wear the small-scale ornament together too, but no matter big or small, expensive or lowpriced, each shell carving has a temperament and interest.

>>The shell carving of shell picture
The shell carving of shell picture of Dalian is a wonderful work in the garden with hundreds of flowers of industrial art of our country, it is the special handicraft that Liaoning initiated. Coastal shellfish resources in Liaoning are quite abundant , color is beautiful, come in every shape. The shell picture composition of Dalian is perfect , lucuriant in design, the shape is lifelike, vivid, the subject matter is three big classes of birds and flowers , mountains and rivers and personage.

>>Glass handicraft glass craft products
Glass handicraft kiln glass craft products, lead brilliant quality glass ware of advanced engraved designs, the low lead draws the glass ware very, glass pack container, advanced to carve handicraft , advanced crystal glass lamp decoration , print stamp water cup ,etc. They are the main product of the factory of Dalian Shengdao . The products sell well in such more than 80 countries as Canada , New Zealand , Australia , Southeast Asia ,etc ...

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