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The general situation of Dalian

Dalian lies in the south of Liaodong Peninsula,lies between 43 fen for 38 degrees of north latitude-40 10,east longitude and 120 degrees and 58 points-123 spends 31.Close to the Bohai Sea in the Northwest,the southeast faces the Yellow Sea,it is relative to separate the sea with Shandong Peninsula, grip Pohai Sea Gulf altogether, enjoining the fame of " The door of Beijing and Tianjin "; Carrying and depending on the continent of the Northeast in the north, the hinterland is vast, can be rated as " the Northeast window ". The regional land area of Dalian is 12573.83 sq. km., among them 6 districts in the city are 2414.96 sq. km. , the city has jurisdiction over 3 cities (at county level ), 10158.89 sq. km. in 1 county. The coastline of the whole area of Dalian is 1906 -km-long, accounts for 73 of the total length of coastline of Liaoning Province, land coastline is 1288 kilometers among them, island water front is 618 kilometers.
Dalian lies in the area of temperate zone of Northern Hemisphere, the continental seasonal climate of temperate zone with maritime characteristic,there is no severe cold in winter,no heat in summer,making a clear distinction between the four seasons. 10.5oc of average temperature of the whole year, annual precipitation 550 --950 mm. , the total hours of the sunshine are 2500--2800 hours in the whole year.
Have jurisdiction over 3 county-level cities now (Wafangdian,Pulandian city,Zhuanghe city),1 county(Changhai county )and 6 district(Zhongshan district,west district,sweet well sub district,Lvshunkou,district of Jinzhou and Shahekou In addition, there are 4 national-level districts of guide opening to the outside world (development zone , bonded area , new high-tech industry garden , national travel resort of Jinshitan ).
Travelling in Dalian is to take sea as the background, with green colour for the backing, regard beautiful urban environment as brands, regard large-scale tourist activity as carriers, young and modern romantic capital taking characteristic travel project and fashion city , soccer city , township of the track and field , luminous city as appeal.

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