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The history of Dalian

As early as 6000 years ago, our ancestor develops the area of Dalian.
Qin Chinese period, Dalian area belong to LiaoDong Prefecture area under one's jurisdiction. Is it set up county manage , belong to pile (claim the east pile at the the Three Kingdoms ) , Wen county , flat Guo ,etc. county to start within the border at the Western Han Dynasty. It is belonged to LiaoDong at the time of the Eastern Jin Dynasty, PredeQin, LaterYan, From north Yan to Sui it is occupied by GaoLi. At the initial stage of Tang Dynasty, The area of Dalian belong to the AnDong office and the administrative division of JiLi. The area of Dalian belonged to Tokyo and led to the area under one's jurisdiction of the office of Liaoyang when the Liao Dynasty. Dalian area call three mountain at the Jin Dynasty such as Wei , belong to Ann east partial to accumulating the favourable state of the office in the Tang Dynasty, call three mountain Pu. It belong to DongJndao, including Suzhou, Fuzhou, Ningzhou and the city of Shunhua at the Liao dynasty. It belong to Huacheng and Yongkang county (become Jinzhou after turning into)which subordinate to Fuzhou in Dongjing road. Yuan belong to the administrative division of Jinfuwan in road of Liaoyang. Belong to Jinzhouwei and Fuzhouwei which subordinate to Liaozhou command post. It belong to Ninghai county (behind promote to Jinzhou Room) and Gaiping county (then set up separately changing as Jinzhou Room), Xiuyan county (then incorporate by Zhuanghe Room ) at Qing dynasty. It was called the mouth of three mountain Haikou , the mouth of Qingniwa.
Be the eighties of the 19th century, build the landing stage of the seaport , build the fort , setting up the submarine mine camp up to the Qing Dynasty at the north of present Dalian gulf., become the small town for the moment. After tsarist Russia occupies, have called Qingniwa. The beginning to be called Dalian in 1899. During the the first and the second Opium War (1840-1842) , the army of Great Britain has invaded and harass the area of Dalian. As the main battle field of the Sino-Japanese War of 1894-1895 and Japan-Russia war, Dalian has suffered two great war disasters in the history of modern times, becoming the colony of Russia , Japan for nearly half a century, among them the colonial rule of Japan is up to 40 years. In August of 1945, Japan announced the unconditional surrender, Dalian was liberated from the victory of Anti-Fascist war, have finished the colonial govern. The committee of worker's federation of Dalian makes up in september. October, Central Committee of the Communist Party of China Northeastern office send comrade Han Guang to hold the post of secretary of Municipal Committee of the CPC, having made up the committee of the Communist Party of China Dalian, the government of Dalian has been established. In July of 1946, changed into Lvda committee. Finished socialist transformation basically from 1949 to 1956; Began comprehensive construction socialism from 1957 to 1966; Went through" the Cultural Revolution " from 1966 to 1976; Entered the new period for socialist modernization drive after 1976; In 1984, the State Council approved Dalian as the open coastal city; In 1985, Dalian was confirmed as the city under direct planning by the State Council, enjoyed the power of provincial economic administer .

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