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Welcome to Dalian!
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Food of Dalian

Dalian people is mostly the Shandong's descendants, so the dish of Dalian is the style of Lu cooking, regard seafood as main raw materials, and concurrently hold the heads of China and foreign countries, form one's own unique style.
It is a great matter of regret in fact to go to Dalian but not to eat the seafood. Locals take seafood in Xiaoshanzhou, ití»s not better to take seafood in July to August because of sealllng the sea at this moment, there is not a fresh marine product basically.
If you does not like eating the seafood, can get to the roasting street on the square before the station , there is a lot of roasting, the taste is good, there is the roast squid of characteristic iron plate in Dalian. But which famous in the whole country, the barbecue usually opens at midnight, is the good place of a party. Now introduce several kinds of characteristic seafood to everybody.

The introduces of some seafood

>>The eighth sea estimate highly
Sea cucumber: Famous and precious marine product. The northern stichopus japonicus' quality is the best particularly. The" five assassinate ", Which produced in Changhai county of Dalian is known as " king of trepang ". It is very high nutritive value, classified as " the first of sea eight value highly ".
Abalone: It is a kind of abdominal foot software sea shellfish , 's foot is muscular , delicate delicious and nutritious. abalone 's shell is big, hard and thick, the famous shell of seaear, can be used as medicine. Abalone is " sea 8 value highly" too, have the praise of soft gold in the sea floor .
Scallop: One of " 8 value highly of sea ", because its appearance is like the fan, so gain the name. Fresh scallop can eat raw directly after boiling, can dip in the condiments to food. Take out the scallop after drying, can make famous precious marine product -Dried scallop.
Prawn: One of" eight value highly by sea ", It is have figure beautiful, delicious , delicate meat which nutritious. Dalian is one of the main producing areas of prawn of our country, the shrimp meat in spring is the fattest.
Clam: Also call clam, one of" eight value highly of sea ", Dozens of kinds of sand clam , bird clam , blue and green clam are very common in Dalian. Cooking, be cold and dressed with sauce, produce frying , cook fillings, the taste is very good .
Haihong: Also call mussel, one of " 8 value highly of sea ", the taste is delicious, nutritious too, it is the important sea food that the native in Dalian liked to eat .
Clam: Also called the small clam. One of " eight value highly of sea ", main life among inshore soft mud , tender and plump meat have, taste is extremely good.
Oyster: Also call oyster of sea , one of " eight value highly by sea ", prepared food, can eat raw . After frying , after frying to be yellow can cook it very well ,. Stew sea oyster and pickled vegetable together, can make into the sub hot pot of sea oyster.

>>Mix oyster
Take the fresh oyster's meat to mix the main material of oyster, the condiment is refined salt , gourmet powder , soy sauce , vinegar , sesame oil. Cut ginger to powder, clean the oyster meat , with hot to pull out to born while being broken boiling water have, put in the cold water and wash coolly taking out, drip the moisture and take it to plate. Add the juice maked with the above condiment, mix thoroughly.

>>Mix small clam
The main material is net fresh small clam. Batching garlic blue and green. the condiment is soy sauce , mustard , sesame oil. Clean fresh small clam son. pull with boiling water out at being opening ; Take out small clam's sub meat, clean with the branch water , do the moisture for use in drip. Being fragrant-flowered to clean, put fragrant-flowered garlic to boiling water completely , cool it with cold water and take it out to plate. Small clam's sub meat is put above , add the good juice with the above condiment .

>>Mixing jellyfish
The main material is jellyfish, the batching is cucumber , dried shrimps , coriander, the condiment is refined salt , gourmet powder , soy sauce , vinegar , sesame oil. Clean the jellyfish, remove the silt and cut the silk , scalds and pulls out with the boiling water, washed with the cold water quickly, pull out. Clean the cucumber, cut to silk; The coriander is cleaned, cut 1.8 centimeters and grow section. Put silk cucumber into plate ,put jellyfish silk , coriander and dried shrimps above it , Then cash the juice with condiment the above to water, so it is succeed.

>>Precious marine product abalone
Belong to " sea 8 value highly " this one, enjoy the laudatory title of " the first of seafood ". The mollusk is of the same clan with shellfish , cuttlefish , Palestinian Shao. Abalone have a dozen kind, purple Bao that Dalian abound with, call wrinkle records of Bao too, it is a indispensable delicacy of the state banquet, have the highest identity. Abalone can familiar to take can eat raw as well as frying, it will do to float to burn. The delicacy cooked with the abalone is as follows, " herds of birdplay abalone ", " steamed precious shell lantern abalone " , " chicken's gruel abalone " and so on.. Among them it is best by eating the original shell abalone.

Prawn in Dalian of precious marine product refers to originating in the Bohai Sea of China and coastal prawn of north of the Yellow Sea. export in a large amount every year. After the prawn is ripe, each one is 100-150 grams, long about 15 centimeters of body, taste is very delicious. Best season to take shrimp in spring, because mother shrimp have son at this moment, it is blue and green for back to take place, very luxuriant. The prawn can do a lot of courses : For instance " shrimp of butterfly with different colors " , " producing the whole shrimp " , " orange prawn " , " boiled shrimps with shell in salt water " ,etc...

Crab of precious marine product belongs to the arthropod, is walking sideways somewhat like the spider in form . The crab can be medical, can also nourish and strengthen the body . The big crab can be getting long 0.5 kilograms in weight. The crab is white and fine and smooth , becomes the silk form , taste is delicious. Boil it and dip it in ginger juice food to steam generally, simple and convenient to keep original flavor also. Can cook and make : " dance hammer of the whole crab " , " sea crab of ginger juice " , " lotus crab slice ", " the fragile skin bombs the crab pincers ",etc. Doní»t eat the tided crabs, Take the chronic crab that lose flavour to eat are easy to be poisoned even more. Stored for a long time, can flood and steep crab with the salt solution to freeze.

>>Shark's fin of precious marine product
Completed by shark's fin, there are a lot of shark's fin kinds, have blue and green wing , bright wing , wing fine hair and wing cake and so on.. Among them the wing cake is regard as the best, the nutritive value is the highest. It is extremely abundant nutrition for shark's fin to have, each shark's fin contain 83.5 of protein , 0.3 of fat , 146 of calcium , 194 of phosphorus , 15.2 milligrams of irons. Famous dish that the shark's fin can be cooked: " braise shark's fin originally " , " ovary and digestive glands of a crab shark's fin " , " braised shark's fin " , " red steamed shark's fins " , " milk stew the exceedingly high shark's fin " , " casserole shark's fin ".

>>Bake the whole shrimp
The main material are except skin , only except the whole prawn of intestines , add ginger , spring onions , vegetable oil stir-fry before stewing after frying, add the wine , white sugar , refined salt in Shaoxing, put into the pan and use baking slowly again , harvest the net soup. The prawn after offering the pan, it is petal to connect together end to end , holds it in the big disc, like a peony in full bloom, red as fire and bright, the color and luster is gratifying, shrimp's meat is luxuriant , tender and fragrant and sweet, but alcohol is oiliness.

>>Sea cucumber
Main material is sea cucumber which soaked, condiment Shaoxing wine, bad smell plain, white sugar, Chinese prickly ash water, soy sauce, starch, sesame oil, the end such as ginger. Cut the cucumber to be in half, accuse of being net to iron with boiling water to cut from it steeping. scallion to be cut to 6 sections. Round-bottomed frying pan put oil, cook hot , put spring onions section stir-fry before stewing yellowish one cook with the Shaoxing wine after frying, add proficiency spoon clear soup , plunge into the commercial sea join , Chinese prickly ash water , bad smell plain , soy sauce , white sugar , the end such as ginger, stew it for a moment slowly, thicken soup with the starch , drip the sesame oil and produce the spoon. Unless its flavour is the fresh, the nutritious, for Dalian seafood in product it is the the highest to beautiful good merchantable brand. Most important reason whether their is it is it invigorate the kidney to treat yin deficiency , strengthen organism immune efficiency to have. Different sea cucumber of kind can cure the disease to use as medicine directly, join such as stichopus japonicus , plum blossom, two grizzled Buddhist nun join , it is invigorate the kidney function of hydroncus to have; Sour jujube spoke anus is overflow blood and cure function , period of disease to control to have to join; The sea cucumber of black milk is the irregular menstruation , produce the good medicine stimulating milk secretion. The black sea cucumber treats the traumatism and bleeding, stops the pain, cooking the sea cucumber can cure the pulmonary tuberculosis .

>>Braise the photograph of the whole family of seafood in soy sauce
Main material whether shark's fin, soaked cucumber , net shrimp meat , familiar chicken , net fish , ink send the tendons of beef , mutton or pork , abalone. Batching bamboo shoots, white fungus familiar pig tongue, rape heart. The condiment is well done lard , soy sauce , gourmet powder, continue the wine , white sugar , egg white , chicken oil. Cut the sea cucumber to slice; then cut a big thin slice the abalone; The bamboo shoots are cut the algae slice; The fish maw is cut slice; Chicken cuts one; If dried mushroom have can turn on with the razor blading heavy; The rape heart broke four connected with the dish stem slightly; Pig tongue cuts one; The white fungus is easy to clean to pluck ; Shrimp's meat removes the sand line, each one becomes three slices; Fish slice in flakes. Put bowl into shrimp chips , sliced fish, add refined salt , continue wine , egg white , starch, thick liquid to even. The round-bottomed frying pan is put on the very hot oven, add into the boiling water, besides chicken, shrimp chips, sliced fish, pig's tongue, spoon is it is it pull out to iron to float other various kinds of raw materials. The round-bottomed frying pan is cleaned and boiled hotly, put the wide oil, it is familiar to burn to 30%, slip and turn on shrimp chips , spoon under the sliced fish gently , pull out. Keep on file the oil in the spoon, put the spring onions , ginger and fry the pan at the end , add into fresh soup and other various kinds of raw materials, wait to be boiled, put and continue the wine , white sugar , gourmet powder , refined salt , burn a little , stir gently with the hand spoon, adjusting the good taste, the water and starch juice thicken soup , put into the chicken oil, the spoon appears to pack the plate into.

>>Eggplant juice butterfish
The main material is 1 butterfish, batching is water-soaked bamboo slices , soaked mushroom , onion, the condiment is eggplant juice , candy , refined salt , soy sauce , gourmet powder , cooking wine , wet starch , soup-stock , peanut oil . Play butterfish scale , turn on thorax , go the five internal organs, clean, two sides with knife. Round-bottomed frying pan put 500 of edible oil to be about, is it burn to ripe about 70%-80% , put the fish into it, bomb to the golden yellow , pull out with the strainer , put in the plate. Water-soaked bamboo slices cut into slices, water-soaked mushroom cut into slices , the onion shreds . Round-bottomed frying pan puts 25 grams of oil into, fire it , add onions, eggplant juice is fry to stir-fry before stewing, and then the water-soaked bamboo slices, the dried mushroom is put, add the soup-stock , sugar , refined salt , soy sauce , gourmet powder , cooking wine, put frying the fish well into it, after it boiled , put at warm fire to ripe completely, take out the blow fish completely , put fish into plate, stock water starch thickens soup, drench the bright oil, let's burn on fish.

>>Steamed Kaji's fish
The main material is the fresh Kaji's fish, put on fish according to the color with such batching as the ginger , spring onions , dried mushroom , Jinhua ham , bamboo shoots and so on, have the steamer tray to steam for 15 minutes. This dish appearance beautiful, have fresh bad smell of fish , It is fly to fragrant smell of poultry to have too, it is a good merchantable brand on the feast.

>>colored snow flake scallop
The main material of colored snow flake scallop is fresh living scallop and egg white. The batching is green bean , spring onions , cooking wine , soy sauce and gourmet powder. By inlaying the scallops which is like the pearl like the silvery white snow flake of egg white making, wave with seasonal dish leaf , carrot , hot pepper ,etc. pattern decorate around, colorful, the quality is soft and delicious , light and delightful, but food is oiliness.

>>Fresh shellfish
The original raw materials is fresh purple abalone from region of Dalian, following the line of the sea, and the wild fresh shellfish and so on. Abalone, fresh shellfish cooked with the method that the oil produced, this gorgeous materials of color and luster of dish were meticulous , peculiar, clear and fresh and crisp and soft , fresh and fragrant and agreeable to the taste.

>>Orange prawn
Raw materials elect to be fresh prawn and fish prawn spend by making the method and succeeding, orange shrimp glue after making having with shrimp, mud of fish and claw of hawk steamer tray steam familiar to water juice become materials meticulous dish this promptly, the craft is exquisite and bright in colour , fresh and fragrant and sweet and soft and agreeable to the taste .

>>The purple sea urchin
It is commonly called as the thorn bowl . Dalian is the purple sea urchin's main producing area of China, the output accounts for more than 95 of the national similar output. Its body takes the form of ball, the diameter is generally 6-8 centimeters, 3-5 centimeters high. Large sour jujube hard end sharp, dark and getting purple sour jujube have , live the rock , marine alga grow thickly or of the the crack of stone to low tide district. The gonad nutritive value of the purple sea urchin is extremely abundant , not merely have higher economic worth , and still have medical value, it is an effective medicine to prevent the disease such as being cardiovascular and ill. Can draw the function of suppressing the cancer cell to grow that " the wave is that the profit is peaceful " from it.

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