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The festival celebration of Dalian

The local festival celebration activity of Dalian is rich and colorful, travel Dalian, if happen to be this kind of festival celebration, there must be double pleasant surprise, reap doubly.

>>International clothing festival of Dalian
" eating in Guangzhou, playing in Shanghai, wearing it in Dalian ". Prevail proverb on " Beijinger everything dare to speak , big even some of people dare to wear " after the reform and opening-up, have fully proved the clothing is one of the most beautiful name cards of Dalian. Clothing fair that the fine works compete in beauty, business talk for exporting garments that trade and business gather, clothing design competition , coloured and dazzling fashion performance of world great teacher , lively and outstanding garden fete and novel and unique closing ceremony party of vying with each other for glamour.
The international clothing festival of Dalian held every September is the grand festival with considerable scale of incorporating economy and trade , culture , travel , activity into an organic whole. Become Sisters' Day with Hong Kong fashion festival each other. The famous person when the time comes , wanting people , famous model , singer , movie star to gather , world art elite performs before the spectators, unusually boisterous. You can purchase the admission ticket to participate in freely , get to know distinguished personages , have a taste of artistic true essence , even try to participate in the trade and business. The main activity of the clothing festival is as follows, powerful opening ceremony square artistic party, cheerful and warm show, etc., attract hundreds and thousands of Chinese and foreign friends and guests every year.

>>Dalian international marathon track
Field and soccer the same is the sport activity that people like, Dalian is the famous " township of track and field " of China, many world champions were born here. Dalian international marathon held in a last Sunday of every October since 1987, have attracted more and more foreign marathon good hands to participate in , become a project of representing that sports of Dalian travels. 1997, approve by International Track and Field Association Dalian international marathon become international match can formally already.

>>International Beer Festival of Dalian
The Beer Festival of Dalian is jointly held by Chinese federation and municipal government of Dalian of light industry is held in sea square of the star at the beginning of August of every summer. Beer Festival including beer manufacturer set up the stage show , beer disco square , beer culture exhibition , beer drinking match , photography match ,etc. Main activity content to compete, such an activities as the summit of beer trade , beer knowledge match,etc..

>>Appreciation Fair of Scholartree of Dalian
The Appreciation Fair of Scholartree of Dalian has enjoyed the reputation of " eastern Chinese scholartree city ", the flower of Chinese scholartree is blooming every May, the drifting fragrance all over the city, but the beautiful bank city is more gorgeous. Annual Appreciation Fair of Scholartree is just held during the most beautiful season of here. Annual Appreciation Fair of Scholartree is big crowds, attract people's attention. Visitor can award Chinese scholartree look flower have a taste of Chinese scholartree township graceful bearing , review childhood enjoyment that fly a kite. Will also hold the Export Commodities Fair of Dalian of China on the 23rd - the 28th of May during Appreciation Fair of Scholartree.

>>The meeting to greet the spring by fireworks firecracker of Dalian
The meeting to greet the spring by fireworks firecracker will be from annual lunar calendar the second day of the first month of the lunar year to the eighth day, Dalian holds the meeting to greet the spring by fireworks firecracker. The festival activity is rich and colorful, have color lamp ice carving remit exhibition , fireworks performance , flavor table delicacies taste , flowers strange stone exhibit and sell , interesting exclusive stunt , acrobatics folk art forms ,etc., Gain welcomes of Chinese and foreign guest and citizen in Dalian extremely.

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