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The amusement in Dalian

The recreation of Dalian is compatible by modern and traditional , complement one another , make people a save of pleasure.
Going hunting in the field, which one is rich in stimulating recreation. Jinshi world goes hunting club, there are going hunting area , small-bore rifle shooting district , archery range ,etc. Can launch such recreation as going hunting , shooting of many kinds of forest ,etc. . You can go to this place to hunt in season of spring and autumn , perhaps can also hunt such beast's birds as pheasant,hare,dark chicken,roe deer,goat ,etc.
Famous kart sports are nowadays fashionable competitive sport sweeping the world, scene thrill,rich to stimulate, you can guiding person card racing-cycle go all out to be graceful in the hall in Dalian city west flourishing district,enjoy being its greatly. In addition,you can also be during annual Appreciation Fair of Scholartree,international clothing festival of Dalian,no gateway of a country,will appreciate the excellent artistic performances from all parts of the world. Invited in domestic and international famous performance group,artist,singer,dancer,accomplished performer,conductor,famous model of the performance,etc. when the time comes,come in a continuous stream,gather in Dalian.

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